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Progress Van 

Launch Date: March 2021

Art Director

Representation matters — especially for the most marginalised communities. The six-colour rainbow pride flag we know well has symbolised the queer community since its emergence in 1971. However, the queer community has evolved over the past few decades, leading many to question whether the pride flag still caters to those most marginalised in the society, including queer people of colour and trans people.

It’s a dilemma Portland-based designer Daniel Quasar (who uses xe/xem pronouns) has sought to resolve with a vividly-modified redesign of the iconic flag. Quasar’s new flag design includes the colours of the trans flag and black and brown stripes harkening back to 2017’s Pride flag redesign from Philadelphia, which sought to represent further the queer and trans identities of black, and brown people. Those two stripes also represent those living with HIV/AIDS, people who have passed from the virus and the overall stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. 

As Art Director and Co-Chair of Ocado Retails LGBTQ+ network, Partners in Pride, it is essential to the rest of the board and me that as a business, Ocado Retail takes proactive steps in educating both our internal workforce and our customer base on LGBTQ+ related issues. We are truly passionate about celebrating diversity and inclusion within our workforce, and we recognise our role in promoting acceptance and celebrating all individuals in the broader community. 

With support from Ocado Retail’s leadership team and Daniel Quasar, I requested that we launch a set of dedicated ‘Progress Vans’ within our delivery vehicle fleet. Adapted by myself for Ocado Retail, the collection of Progress vans are to become a permanent fixture within the fleet and will be a visual representation of allyship, support and solidarity for the movement and all that it symbolises.