Final Iced Bun.jpg

Paul Smith 

Marketing Campaign

A research brief set to gain a deeper understanding of the fashion industry landscape and with a direct focus on the internationally renowned brand Paul Smith. This was a chance to identify potential new routes and ideas within the Nottingham based institution and propose, create and execute new ideas which could reignite the brand's popularity amongst the younger consumer, in turn evolving the Paul Smith brand. 


As one of the artistic directors on this project, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase my skills as a visual communicator and idea generator. With the aim to introduce new creative direction to Paul Smith whilst keeping intact the brand's ethos, as a creative team, we produced a series of conceptual still life imagery that represented an unconventional and kitsch approach to contemporary Britishness, having a rooted focus on the everyday British traditions we overlook. 


Using humour to communicate the renowned kitsch aesthetic of Paul Smith, each image was stylised in a literal fashion to create dual impact, evoke feelings of nostalgia and ‘relatability’, prompting audiences to ignite their creative flair and ultimately firmly place the Paul Smith brand amongst the contemporary landscape. 


The executions created received great feedback, so much so that two were entered into a competition to represent the Nottingham Trent University Degree Show for 2017. The kitsch infused ‘Iced Bun’ was a selected winner and was not only featured within the #NTUDEGREESHOW campaign spread across billboards and bus stops throughout the city of Nottingham but was also featured in the local monthly magazine ‘Left Lion’.