Out Loud!


Creative Lead 

The Brief:

‘Out Loud!’ is PinkNews’ first venture into the music scene. It’s goal is to feature a range of LGBT+ artists, celebrate diversity and most of all, create a space for people to enjoy art without limits!


The Concept:

In a world full of limitations, music has become a lifeline, a way to transport people both physically and mentally, providing for some a sense of relief and others; ease of pain. For some, it has offered community and others independence. But one thing that music provides all of us with is escapism, escapism from the covid-19 pandemic, from the protests and politics and from the restrictions of connecting.

Inspired by the acts of listening and getting lost in the music, Out Loud! delves into themes of identity, escapism and empowerment to draw the PinkNews audiences out of reality and transport them somewhere more positive and uplifting, a safe space of visual bliss and self-expression.


  • An ‘Out Loud!’ logo - This should be distinctive and bold. The PinkNews logo should also be incorporated. 

  • A lineup poster - This poster will need to list the acts playing while also having an interesting, readable design that marry well with the previous asset.

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