Ocado Christmas 2020

Art Director

The Brief:
Create the top-line Christmas concept for Ocado 2020. The concept will be used across multiple Marketing and Merch channels and all of Ocado's customer touchpoints. 


The Concept:

This year, we want to cherish what’s important:

family, friends and community spirit.

2020 has been a difficult one to say the least, but if anything, it’s brought us closer together in ways we never thought possible. It’s evident that as we gain newfound responsibilities, our outlook and desires change, and we begin to slow down and connect to what really matters: the simple pleasures with friends and family. The kind words and actions of strangers, and the sense of belonging that comes from having a shared experience with those around us.

Using these connections as a basis for Christmas 2020, Merry & Bright aims to prioritise the wellbeing of Ocado’s customers. Allowing them to create precious memories through inspirational content and the joy of being together.

​It’s also time to welcome M&S to the family. Together, we’ll bring you a Christmas full of colour and flavour that’s bound to make you smile – just what a Merry & Bright Christmas is all about.


Art Direction & Photography:

Ocado owns colourful, so why not own Christmas kitsch. The photography will complement this witty theme by incorporating bright colours, unexpected baubles and a playful sense of styling. Think candy canes and metallics, hot chocolates and marshmallows.


The Logo:

Kitcshness is at the core of this concept,
with curves being taken from the font and used to create simple yet festive flourishes. Perceived as skis or candy canes, the lock-up encapsulates the idea of something new and modern. A Christmas like no other.


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  • Ocadolife Magazine

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  • Social Media Content

  • PR Content 

  • Christmas Look book

  • M&S Food Catalogue

  • Christmas Shop onsite 

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