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Homosexuality & The Heteronormative Lens 

Self-Devised Project

In a world where more than seventy-five countries still criminalise being gay; 2016 was one of the toughest years for queer people. The Orlando massacre in June, the appointment of Mike Pence to Vice President of the United States, a man recognised for his extremely oppressive views on homosexuality. In the UK, LGBT hate crime rose by 147% since the Brexit vote in June. And as we enter 2017, a year that marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, comes with it more hardship.


Homosexuality and The Heteronormative lens is a self-devised project which identifies what it means to be gay today, exploring the digital age and its curation and introduction of virtual spaces within the gay social landscape. The visual report questions whether or not these platforms are allowing for an easier accessibility of gratification and discrimination and Analyses the heteronormative ideologies which have been embedded into the mindset and aesthetic of homosexual men.


Now more than ever there is a need to embrace who we are without judgment or discrimination. Chemsex, internalised homophobia, hate crime and heteronormativity are just a few challenges that as a community we must face together. My Project is a testament to the importance of Queer identity and I hope my research and film can be used to prompt the conversations needed to inspire what could become a Gay Political Renaissance.