Gourmet Food Market


Art Director

The Brief:

Having been in lockdown now for months, this Event originated from Senior Leadership who would like to create an inspirational-shop that you can discover and add something new to your basket. It also ties in with the wider business goals of showcasing our exclusive products and suppliers. We expect this shop to stay up for 6+ months. It will be highlighted on and off throughout that time period. Therefore it should either not be too Summer-y or it should be able to be updated to be seasonally relevant later in the year.


We would like this to be one of our flagship areas of the website. This says something about who we are as Ocado. You cannot get this range of delicious, interesting, artisan, foodie products as conveniently as you can from Ocado. Not only that but we know our stuff, every one of these products is here for a reason.


The Concept:

Think back to the last time you went to the Harrods food hall. You walk in to smell the freshly roasted coffee beans; you can almost taste the premium chocolates or recently-baked bread. You make extra effort to look at all the delicatessens and to see the options as you wouldn't find them anywhere else. You know you have the most exclusive collections in front of you and the highest quality products available. 

Now think to the last time you went to a Farm Shop; it could be Daylesford in the Cotswolds, Chatsworth in the Peak District, or a local farm shop. You wander in-store to find high quality, unique products that will be new from your weekly list. You feel a long way from Tesco and expect that you wouldn't find them in a big supermarket and trust they are reliably sourced.
In both experiences, you leave with some inspiration and a taste of 'new'. You have either discovered or bought new products/ingredients to try, and some of these will be exclusive to the store. This is what we would like in our next always-on Event/long-standing content. We want both ideas to be twined together to create an event that encourages you to add delicious food that some are exclusive to Ocado.


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