Easter Joy 2021


Art Director

The Brief:

The concept needs to be in the new Ocado identity and will need to be flexible enough to allow a variety of customer and commercial messages that add meaning and understanding to “There’s an Ocado just for you” but showcasing how we’re bringing more of what matters to our customers this Easter.

Importantly, Easter provides a key moment in the year to generate inspirational content and encourage our customers to increase basket spend and drive traffic. We want the concept to really drive home our point of difference by inspiring customers to try something new and to showcase our incredible range of Easter products from family favourites to exclusive suppliers, whilst also offering excellent value for money.


The Concept:

We’re living in unprecedented times, and all aspects of our daily lives have had to evolve. We recently celebrated a Christmas that may not have looked the way we’d intended. But together we made it work, and it was still the best day ever! Now, the seasons are changing, and Easter is just around the corner, we want to find new and exciting ways our customers can celebrate.

The following concept aims to inspire our customers and help families have some holiday fun – even if we’re still quarantined and having to be safe indoors.

Easter Joy takes an experiential approach to art direction, creating an easter that is both stimulating and memorable.

Based on the premise of bringing the outdoors in, the look and feel will use natural turf, spring florals and craftsy butterflies to enhance the sensory nature children would experience outside.

This concept will not only compliment the delicious spreads Ocado has to offer. It will also (and importantly) introduce a well-deserved sense of escapism from the uncertain times we’re currently facing.


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