One Year of Cookie Jar

Director & Videographer

Cookie Jar celebrates its one year anniversary!


The infamous masked London queen Stella Marbles started the party in May 2019 in response to the lack of safe-spaces in queer nightlife. She wanted to give Queer artists a platform to showcase their art on their terms. 


Welcoming and unapologetic, a haven for transgressive, freaky and non-traditional drag and performance art. Cookie Jar is a place where Queer people can experience their fantasy and share it with others without fear of judgement or discrimination. 


It has been an honour to work alongside such incredible queer talent and be a part of a scene that is deserving of it. Cookie Jar wouldn't have become the queer Candyland it is today without Bethnal Green Working Men's Club as its home. And all of the incredible performers, DJs, dancers, designers, stage managers, photographers and of course the attendees who put talent, sweat, tears and so much joy into every event.


To showcase the appreciation, and celebrate the first year of such an incredible scene, myself and Ola Fisayo collaborated with Stella to create a mural to commemorate just a few of our favourite looks and individuals who have made this year so special.


Directed by Jay Harris & Ola Fisayo

Produced by Stella Marbles

Director of Photography Jay Harris & Ola Fisayo

Edited by Ola Fisayo

Special Thanks to:

Bethnal Green Working Mens Club.