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Our social platforms are one of the most important aspects of self-promotion. They demonstrate who we are, what we do and what we like and dislike to the world. They are an integral part of our own communications mix and allow us to create a virtual version of ourselves for people to get to know, understand, like and follow.

A few months back, I struggled to think of things to post, say, or do. The pandemic had allowed me the time to sit back and think about myself, my goals and my values. What I represented as an LGBTQ+ advocate, creative, and storyteller made me realise that my social persona hadn't evolved with me and didn't demonstrate my personal views, express my creativity or amplify my interests. Instead, it had simply revolved around the gratification, expectation and an unnecessary need to comply and compete.

So I decided to pause, rethink, recreate and reform. In an oversaturated landscape of sun-kissed filters, Prosecco brunches and 'who wore it better?', @caravaggios_cupid represents everything I love about my community, relationships, and experiences. Combining my creativity, personality and values to introduce a page that is eclectic, educational, queer, and this time, 100% me!