Caravaggio's Cupid 

Writer, Director, Production Designer & Colour Grader

Caravaggio’s Cupid is a turbulent tale of adolescent love, lust and individuality. From first glance to infatuation, the narrative short tells the story of an unrequited love that takes place in ordinary circumstances. The film captures the fragility of masculinity and the unconventional ways of finding love in the queer community. 


The film reveals the private emotional struggle of its shy and introverted character. Giulio, a quiet loner in his early twenties, is clumsily looking for his first relationship. Shy and lacking self-confidence, his past experiences with men have only led to a continuous array of meaningless hook-ups. Set within Berlin's prestigious Gemäldegalerie, opposite Caravaggio’s Amor Vincit Omnia (love conquers all) Giulio finds himself innocently seduced by a handsome spectator. As the two take part in a lust-infused game of cat-and-mouse, Giulio begins to wonder if he has finally met his match.


Giulio - Dzhovani Gospodinov

Mr.Right Now - Jan Ulbricht

Female Spectator - Leyla Roy 

Kace - Jacopo Garfagnoli

Handsome Stranger - Paul Auls


Written & Directed by Jay Harris

Produced by Jade Morash 

Director of Photography by Gerard O'Keeffe

Edited by Imogen Ogden 

Colour Graded by Jay Harris

Make-Up Artist - Sarah Parker 

Behind The Scenes - Menelaos Liondos

Music by Pablo Anson

Special Thanks to:

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin