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Art Direction & Marketing Campaign 

Brief: Make Car Porn!

New Ideas to visualise "Car Porn".


Create a Facebook Canvas Ad that users can start using to configure their new Smart Car.

Create a 4-Part Instagram story post that shows the exciting exterior, the different colours, the driving enjoyment and the electric functionalities.

My Concept:

The design takes a fun, positive and energetic approach to aesthetic. Through both bold eccentric colours and playful geometric shapes, the visual ignites a child-like nostalgia. captivating those all-important social scrollers.

A Creative Canvas:

Nostalgia infused configuration.

An element of play.

Re-Ignite creativity and imagination.

Create, Explore & Inspire.

Be Bold, Be daring, Be You!


Not afraid to play with space, colour and texture. The Instagram story format aims to evoke conscious thought whilst keeping intact the playful and bold aesthetic.