Breakout Rhapsody

Production Designer

Breakout Rhapsody was created to not only reflect on Mélodie’s own experiences as a Performer but mainly to disrupt the status quo of the classical music realm and introduce it to a new audience. Classical music can and is both fashionable and invigorating.


Mélodie began studying the piano at the age of three and by the age of thirteen was already working towards her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music at the Geneva University of Music which she obtained at the age of fourteen with the highest honours.


As the Production Designer on this film, it was a great opportunity to get a glimpse into this often veiled society of which Mélodie is used to performing.


‘I believe that we need to change the image of classical music in order to bring it to younger people. Classical music brought so much power and happiness into my life and the lives of many others. I want to share this eternal love with youngsters of my generation. Let classical music - finally be unleashed. Showing that it is utterly energetic and fashionable, that is my aim.’ - Mélodie Zhao.